Client Quotes

American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Shari Franklin
Chief Financial Officer

“PN³ has made our AP process more efficient, improved the workflow process for approvers, and has enabled us to incorporate appropriate internal controls over disbursements. We continue to take advantage of the features offered. But, the best part is the responsive, knowledgeable and helpful PN³ team!”

Endocrine Society
Emily Reyer
Director, Finance & Controller

“PN³ for Payables has been great for our payables processing. Our entire staff appreciates the ability to submit and approve payment requests, invoices and expense reports remotely from any location and any computer. Our finance staff and auditors appreciate the workflow, approval tracking and documentation contained within each payment record. Our AP staff appreciate the paperless routing and ability to assess the status of all payment records in the system. Additionally,PN³ staff are very open to suggested improvements and quick to resolve issues as we encounter them. We are very glad we implemented PN³ for Payables.”

American Chemistry Council
Bianca Domally
Controller & Managing Director, Finance

“Put simply, PN³ has made life easier. Our travelers no longer have to be in the office pushing paper to approve invoices, and accounting has more autonomy over tracking the status of invoices, knowing who has it for approval, and can make better accrual estimates, especially at the end of the year. PN³ exceed our expectations for electronic approval!”

Mid-Atlantic Health Care
Christine Guzzo
Accounting Manager

“PN³ has streamlined our AP process and allows for all levels of management to have access to invoices. It has been a huge time saver for invoice processing as well as for audit purposes.”

Kidder Mathews
Peggy O’Neil
Vice-President, Corporate Controller

“We have experienced significant growth over the past few years and without PN³ we would be in trouble. It’s been the greatest tool we have added to our portfolio.”

Nuclear Energy Institute
Rob Dubrow
Senior Director, Controller and Assistant Treasurer

“The PN³ team delivers on their commitments. We asked for some customizations and they assured us they could deliver and certainly did.”

Parenteral Drug Association
Jennifer Bell
Vice President of Finance

“After looking at (5) offerings, PN³ was the best fit for us because it provided a single solution for purchasing, vendor invoices and expense reports. PN³ gives our managers the ability to approve transactions anywhere in the world and has cut our AP data entry down by 75%.”

Southwest Transplant Alliance
Pat Evans
Senior Accounting Analyst

“I don’t know how we managed before PN³. Implementing PN³ has been a HUGE WIN for us!”

National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Union
Gregory Johns
Vice President of Finance

“PN³ was a simple, low budget, low risk option for our entry into paperless accounts payable. One year later, PN³ is a high value solution that works well without large investments of time or money. PN³ is all benefit and no trouble.”

Service Access & Management
Stan Miller
Director of Budgets & Grant Management
“PN³ has become a great partner for us. We appreciate their personnel during all stages from evaluation, through implementation and ongoing support. PN³ has simplified our travel expense processing. It has also increased efficiency in Accounts Payable, making invoices readily accessible across a geographically dispersed organization.”
The American Board of Anesthesiology

James Crawford

“With PN³ we have totally revamped our accounts payables procedures greatly improving our process efficiencies and internal controls. Lost paper invoices as we knew it is in our rearview mirror, thank you PN³ for a wonderful product. The responsiveness of the PN³ support team is awesome.”
Craig Silverio
Vice President, Finance
“We process all of our vendor invoices in PN³. PN³ has made our auditing process much easier. We give auditors read-only access to PN³. In addition to vendor invoices the functionality to process expense reports online has been a nice benefit. Implementing PN³ is one of the best decisions we have ever made.”
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